Dr. Diego can determine whether your condition is indeed endometriosis or if you're suffering from a different issue.

What Is Endometriosis?

Dealing with pelvic pain is never easy, especially because bad cramps in that region can often leave us completely debilitated, derailing our entire day. An underlying condition like endometriosis only stands to make matters worse. This painful condition is characterized by abnormal uterine tissue growth outside of the uterus. When this tissue grows and breaks down during one’s menstrual cycle, it results in a buildup of blood that has nowhere to go. Without treatment, this condition can result in cysts and fertility problems further down the line.


What Causes Endometriosis?

An experienced gynecologist like Loraine Diego, MD, can quickly recognize endometriosis, but determining its cause is not as simple. This condition can develop due to a number of different concerns such as an immune system disorder or a botched surgical scar implantation following a C-section or other similar surgery. Often, endometriosis is a result of retrograde menstruation. This condition involves the flow of endometrial cells back up through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity. By visiting our Echo Park, California center, you can take the first step toward identifying endometriosis and effectively treating the condition.

What Treatments Are Available?

Diagnosing endometriosis typically involves a pelvic exam and an ultrasound in some cases. When you visit our center, Dr. Diego will begin your appointment by discussing your symptoms and then performing one or both of these diagnostic procedures. In doing so, she will be able to determine whether your condition is indeed endometriosis or if you’re suffering from a different issue. Once your condition has been confirmed, Dr. Diego can provide you with hormone therapy to help address any pain you’ve been experiencing. Additionally, she may recommend certain contraceptives as they can help ease menstrual flow and reduce pelvic pain.

What Should I Expect When Treating Endometriosis?

While the above treatments can help manage the condition, treating endometriosis entirely typically involves surgery. A laparoscopic surgery can be performed to remove endometriosis implants while leaving the uterus and ovaries intact. Without surgery, it may be difficult to become pregnant when dealing with this condition. In some cases, fertility treatments may also be prescribed to improve your chances of conception. While a hysterectomy has been the traditional method of treating this condition, many doctors are now moving away from this option and into more conservative approaches of treatment.

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Treatment Results

The prognosis for patients with endometriosis is generally good. However, this condition has a high rate of recurrence and ongoing treatment in the form of hormone therapy may be required in most cases. By coming in for your consultation at our Echo Park center, you are enlisting Dr. Diego as your ongoing medical support specialist in the treatment of this condition. During the course of your treatment, she will get to know you and your specific needs while adjusting her approach if necessary to help you maintain your optimal wellness.

Endometriosis Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Endometriosis is a tough condition to deal with and often requires ongoing treatment and support. As an experienced gynecologist, Dr. Diego can be there for you every step of the way as you undergo your treatment. To set up an appointment at our Los Angeles center, please call (213) 388-2229 or fill out the form below. We also offer telemedicine services via Zoom!

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