Bleeding & Pelvic Pain

As an experienced gynecologist, Loraine Diego, MD, can help determine the cause of your pelvic pain and provide you with effective treatment to ease your discomfort.

What Causes Bleeding and Pelvic Pain?

Mother nature can be a cruel mistress sometimes! It’s not uncommon for our bodies to occasionally feel unexpected aches and pains. This is especially true during menstruation for many women. The unexpected occurrence of bleeding and pelvic pain can often make the source of the issue difficult to determine. In some cases, ordinary ovulation can result in discharge fluid spreading to the pelvic area and causing irritation. In other instances, interstitial cystitis or a urinary tract infection can be the source of the problem. As an experienced gynecologist, Loraine Diego, MD, can help determine the cause of your pelvic pain and provide you with effective treatment to ease your discomfort.


What Does Bleeding and Pelvic Pain Indicate?

In some cases, bleeding and pelvic pain may be an indication of a serious underlying issue. Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, can cause excess pain and bleeding in the genital area. STDs can often be asymptomatic, therefore the sudden appearance of pain due to an STD may come as a surprise. Another significant source of bleeding and pain could be a tumor, which may be malignant. In order to determine what your symptoms indicate, we strongly recommend coming in for an appointment with Dr. Diego. In addition to performing a physical and a Well Woman Exam, Dr. Diego can also provide you with STD testing services. The comprehensive evaluations offered at our Silver Lake center can help readily identify your condition and help us treat it.

What Treatments Are Available?

Treatment of your bleeding and pelvic pain largely depends on the particular source of your symptoms. In many cases, Dr. Diego can provide treatment in the form of hormone therapy or supplements. Both of these treatment options can work to help regulate hormonal changes that control ovulation and menstruation. By re-balancing your body through the administration of natural hormones, Dr. Diego can make your menstrual periods lighter and easier to deal with. Additionally, she can provide ongoing support in the form of lifestyle modification or outside referrals in case you may be dealing with a severe complication.

What Should I Expect When Treating Bleeding and Pelvic Pain?

When you arrive at our Echo Park, California center, Dr. Diego, Dr. Diego will begin with a thorough consultation. During this time, she will work with you to determine the nature of your symptoms and get more information about your overall health. Then, she will perform a routine exam and may, in some cases, order STD or other testing. After determining the cause of your bleeding and pelvic pain, she will then outline a treatment course to get you back to feeling like yourself again. The course may include medication as well as physical therapy or a referral to a specialist, depending on your specific condition.

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Treatment Results

By providing ongoing support and guidance, Dr. Diego will do all she can to help you feel well again. If the source of your pain is simple menstrual cramping, you can expect to feel better while receiving hormone therapy. Once your cycle is over, your symptoms should subside entirely and you will be back to normal. If your condition is more complicated, further testing and other treatment options may be recommended. 

Treating Bleeding and Pelvic Pain in Los Angeles, California

Excess bleeding and pelvic pain is no walk in the park! While occasional aches and pains can sometimes occur, aggressive pain may be a cause for concern. As an experienced gynecologist, Dr. Diego can provide you with the support and treatment you need to get back on track again. To set up an appointment at our Los Angeles center, please call (213) 388-2229 or fill out the form below. We also offer telemedicine services via Zoom!

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