What is the BioTE?

BioTE hormone pellet therapy uses hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s normal hormone levels. Hormone pellet therapy treats hormone imbalances which occur when one or more of the body’s key hormones is deficient or not functioning at optimal production levels. As we age, hormone levels naturally decline up to 10% yearly. Hormone imbalance can affect your quality of life and overall health.

What is the pellet looks like and procedure?

Pellets smaller than a grain of rice are inserted under the skin and released a small dose of hormones. Each treatment is customized for each patient.

What is the other benefit for BioTe?

  • Decreased Bone Density
  • Poor Heart Health
  • Abnormal Breast & Prostate Health
  • Diminished Cognition & Memory
  • Reduced Energy & Sex Drive

How to get started?

Schedule an appointment to discuss whether it is an appropriate option for you. If you decide that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a viable option for you, blood work should be done to test your current hormone levels. Based on your comprehensive consultation and thorough blood work panel, we will determine if you are a candidate for BHRT

What can I expect from BHRT pellet therapy?

Most patients report some symptom relief in as little as 2-4 weeks and full benefit is seen 4-6 weeks after a pellet is placed. After 6 weeks from the insertion, follow up blood work should be done to see where your hormone levels are. Sometimes a booster is needed in between treatments. Typically, the effects of BioTE pellets in women wear off after 3-4 months. Alternatively, men can expect BioTE pellets to wear off after 4-5 months

What can I expect after the BioTE therapy?

Since the pellets are placed under the skin you will not be able to do lower body exercises for 3 days as this can cause the pellets to move out of the place. You also cannot submerge yourself in water for 3 days after the treatment. Further care instructions will be given before and after each treatment. DIM SGS+is necessary to use along with the pellet treatment and available to purchase at our office.

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