HCG Medical Weight Loss

Health care professionals have been using HCG to help their patients lose significant amounts of weight in short periods of time since the 1950s.

What Is HCG Medical Weight Loss?

If you’ve always wanted to lose weight, but have found yourself disappointed time and again by fad diets and a constant feeling of hunger, Loraine Diego, MD, is here to help. Our Echo Park center offers an effective medical weight loss solution in the form of our human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) medical weight loss program. This program involves the use of a naturally occurring HCG hormone found in the human body to help you feel sated and energized. By strengthening your body in this way, you can more easily stick to a low-calorie, fat-burning diet. Health care professionals have been using HCG to help their patients lose significant amounts of weight in short periods of time since the 1950s. This program is entirely safe and can give you results in a short amount of time.


How Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

The HCG doesn’t work in a vacuum. It’s a highly effective weight loss tool because it helps people maintain a low-calorie diet while avoiding hunger or dips in energy. During your HCG medical weight loss program, you’ll be on a calorie-restricted diet of about 500-800 calories a day. Throughout the program, Dr. Diego will help you decide what to eat so you can give your body what it needs while dropping significant amounts of weight quickly. In fact, the most significant part of this program isn’t the HCG injections, but Dr. Diego’s ongoing support. During your medically supervised weight loss program, you will receive Dr. Diego’s professional guidance. She will help you not only lose weight, but adjust your lifestyle to keep the weight off as well.

Some of the support services provided by Dr. Diego during this program include:

  • Medications – Loraine Diego, MD provides holistic and natural supplements to improve metabolic rate and facilitate healthy weight loss.
  • Diet – Our dietary recommendations include tailored meal plans to help you lose weight safely and effectively.
  • Exercise – Regular physical activity is recommended over the course of this program. Our center is happy to provide you with some exercise advice to get you started.

How Can Medical Weight Loss Help Me?

It’s common for patients on the HCG medical weight loss program to lose one to two pounds per day. While that sounds quite dramatic, this medical weight loss program is completely safe. In fact, HCG hormone injections are often used as fertility treatments in both men and women. These hormones are naturally derived and pose little to no risk of side effects. If you’re struggling with your weight, choosing the guidance of a professional medical expert is far safer than buying into a diet you’ve read about online. The HCG program can lead to excellent results and long term benefits in the form of improved wellness and reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes.

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What Should I Expect From Treatment?

During the HCG medical weight loss program, you will usually eat two meals per day. In order to give your body the nutrients it needs, it’s essential that these meals be well-rounded. Most meals include a protein source, vegetables, fruit, and bread. Dr. Diego can help you tailor a meal plan to your preferences, so you enjoy your meals during this medical weight loss program. Additionally, you will be asked to come in to receive periodic injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). These injections will help keep your body energized during your dietary transition. Many diets fail because our bodies become accustomed to old eating and lifestyle habits. Changes, even those that are beneficial, generally cause a significant amount of discomfort. HCG can help minimize fatigue and imbalance, helping you stay focused on achieving your dietary goals.

Medical Weight Loss Results

Your medical weight loss results are directly related to how long you stay in the program and how dedicated you are to your new lifestyle changes. Those who want to lose a lot of weight may need to stay in the program longer. By sticking with the program and following Dr. Diego’s advice, you can see gradual improvements in your weight and overall well-being.

Medical Weight Loss in Los Angeles, California

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